Flap Discs

These abrasives are the best tools for grinding and removing burrs, welds, and smoothening rough surfaces. They can be easily applied in places that grinding wheels are not applicable. In addition, due to relative flexibility of these discs there is no vibration produced during the process and the grinding process is performed more efficiently.


Spiral Bands

Spiral Band Abrasives are used in all industries, including metallic or non-metallic material such as: Forging, Modeling, Automobile Industry, Part Manufacturing and also Fiberglass, Porcelain, Ceramic, Stone, Leather, Wood, Rubber, and etc. They are best for grinding, forming, shaving, finishing, paint removing of rust, and sharpening of tools which are manufactured in various grits and forms.


Flap Wheels

These abrasives could be used in two ways:

  1. By installing the abrasive on fixed tools, it could be possible to get the parts polished or round.
  2.  By installing this abrasive on portable drills, grinding, polishing, filing, and even flushing of welding line could be easily carry out. These abrasives are manufactured in two different forms with different applications. First by working on planes and flat surfaces and second by working on corners they are produced and then used.

Belt Abrasives

These abrasives, due to their variation of size and granularity and also the model of abrasives installed on fixed and portable tools, are very suitable for polishing, smoothening and high preparation of surfaces of all kinds. It is worth mentioning that we are the first and leading manufacturer of belt abrasives with width 5mm up to 2600 mm.

They are presented in two general classifications. We hereby recommend our proposal to design and manufacture any type you request.